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The Sky's Crack 3

Had to finish writing this on my phone. No computer access and I wanted to keep up a daily pace. At least I now know I'm committed to it, if I'm putting that much trouble into it to tap it out on my little phone keyboard.

Hello, Diary. The past few days've been the usual. Not today.

Kevin and Maggie got out of the hospital. We met up at school--Jenna was in detention for backtalking a teacher and Jon disappeared like he does sometimes, so it was just me and them. I felt a bright light as I hugged them. Everything was suffused with it. Peaceful, like I was drifting in it. And then they were blinking at me.

"Wow, you have a magic hug. I feel less pain now!" Kevin said.

I stared at him.

He smiled at me, the lights glistening on his shiny baldness. It really showed off the slightly irregular shape of his skull. His teeth flashed startlingly white against his nearly black skin.

Meanwhile, Maggie had her mouth wide open as she gaped at me. Maggie's our resident goth or was it punk? Pink hair, as pallid as me, wears black and big boots. "This isn't helping my fucking weird week," she said.

I blinked. "You too?"

Maggie furrowed her brow. "Strange things're happening to you, too?"

I looked back at her. "Falling from the fifth floor and surviving because of a sudden case of wings? Freaky black-eyed, and I do mean like shiny black marbles, school shrink? Strange like that?"

Maggie pursed her lips. Kevin blinked between the two of us. "This something to do with that man, Maggie?"

Maggie cleared her throat. "Let's swap freaky stories."

So we did.


We didn't have any fun plans. Nothing you'd call crazy. Actually, we're just hanging out bumming around Carter Street scoping out the stores. Not sure whether we're going to browse through rows of CDs we don't want or books we don't want or DVDs we don't want. In short, we're fucking bored out of our minds.

Then I feel something and turn around. Nothing that scary-looking about this guy shuffling along behind us. Stubble, glazed eyes, clothes he's been wearing for a long time. Looks like nothing more than some drugged out bum. Not that scary. But he's fucking terrifying.

I can't really put my finger on it. He's moving kinda wrong, all stiff. But that's not it. He just really really reeks of badness and I'm already grabbing Kevin and dragging him along at a quick walk. Kevin goes, "Huh?"

I take another look behind me. The bum's actually moving faster. But he's not running. He's sort of shuffling his feet really quick, but they aren't really connecting with how fast he's moving. It's like he's in some bad animation. Looks like he's sorta gliding along and just pretending to move his feet. I would laugh, but he's coming at us that way.

I say, "Run!" and Kevin knows I'm being serious with that tone so he runs too.

We take the usual tricks we do when we want to get somewhere fast. You know, shortcuts, fence-hopping, all that. Really one of our finest performances, but I'm too fucking scared to be enjoying it. It isn't losing the bum anyway. Jump a fence, he jumps it too. Climb a wall, he climbs it. Jump a gap, he does his shuffling glide across it.

Kevin doesn't know what's up, he doesn't feel the same thing I do, but he's already looked and seen the way the bum's moving. So he's taking it just as seriously as I am. And he's the one who gets the idea to jump onto the train.

Shut up. I know I'm usually the one with those ideas, but it was Kevin this time. Anyway, he points, and that's all it takes, and both of us jump, and amazingly enough both of us make it just fine. And we turn and see the bum staring at us while getting smaller. And we've finally lost him. That's when I realize how crazy we're, jumping onto a train like that. Most crazy thing we've ever done, and no, the other stuff doesn't count. Wasn't action hero crazy.

I turn to Kevin with this "What now? How do we get down?" expression. He just shrugs.

Like I said, we got onto the train just fine. It's getting off it that put us in the hospital.

Not that the weird stops there. That creepy shrink you told us about? She's a nurse at the hospital. Just smiles and asks how we're doing. I'm too fucking freaked out at the eyes to do anything but nod, and she just leaves us be.


Kevin was quiet while listening to both stories. He said, "I think we need to get serious here."

"What do you mean?" I said.

With a nod to himself, Kevin said, "We need to investigate. Clearly it's dangerous, so we need some way to be careful."

I said, "Let's talk about this when we get all of us together."


4/16/XX (night)
It doesn't rain but it pours. I read that saying in a book (why thank you, I do read them, the ones that aren't the dull crap forced on us by the school).

That night, I woke to a bright flash in my room. With a "What now?" I grabbed for the baseball bat. It wasn't there. I snapped awake and stared at the softly glowing little boy in a strange blue robe. I've been using the word "stare" a lot, but I've also had a lot to stare at.

This boy? Bright blue hair bound in a little topknot. He had a cute face, purple irises.

He said, "Now, I really must explain. You see, we are an alliance of warriors for the greater good, battling against a great darkness, and we need your help."

I frowned. "What is this, an anime? Or one of those fantasy movies?"

The boy sighed. "I really must assure you, this is no fiction. You've already gained some awareness of the dangerous forces at large. If they have their way, everything you hold dear will die and you with it, too. Oh, and please do take care with your fire."

He really had some nerves. Saying all this calmly while I was holding him up by his robe's collar. With my blazing arms. It was a bright white flame.

I slowly put him down. The fires died out. I considered this boy. The most alarming thing about him was the way he'd appeared so suddenly in my room. Other than that, he actually did have a fairly pleasant feel to him. Not suffocatingly so like the school shrink. Her pleasantness was like way too much perfume, but his pleasantness was more of a quiet calming thing. Softer.

I felt more relaxed already. "Okay. Let me get something on, and I'll listen."

Once I was no longer in just my undies, he came back in. Through the door this time. Without a pause, he resumed, "As I said, you're already aware of the dangers. Your school psychologist, although she didn't gain the position by legitimate means, is the more minor one. We'll have to deal with her later, but the far more pressing concern is posed by that man your friends Kevin and Maggie encountered. Or more precisely, the large force he is a part of."

"Okay, Mr. Exposition," I said, "And you want me to join up with you to be a soldier of purity and all that."

The boy nodded and waited serenely for my giggling fit to wear off. Then he handed me a bright blue stuffed lizard. "You can use this to summon me. I do hope you'll help us. We could use your innate power."

As I write this, he's giving me time to think this over. A day or few before making a decision. It's a bit much to take in. Forces of darkness? Me with innate powers? An army of good fighting against the darkness? Them asking me to...

Ah, fuck it. I already know my answer. YES.

I know it isn't a good thing that I'm needed, because a lot of people's lives're at risk, but this's the kind of thing I've wanted for a long time. To fight alongside those kinds of people.

But... the setup's almost like one of the magical girl anime Jenna's so crazy for. Not exactly but still kinda like that. In those shows, the girls' powers are granted to them, not something they already had. But apparently I have 'innate powers' already and they're just waking up now.

So, where'd my power come from? Am I some stupid lost princess or something?


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May. 26th, 2008 11:41 pm (UTC)
Just belatedly wanted to let you know that I've been following along with this and really looking forward to each new instalment. There's something in a lot of your descriptions that seems to go deeper than the average, resonates with me on some level, seems instinctively "right" - like when you say here, "I felt a bright light as I hugged them. Everything was suffused with it. Peaceful, like I was drifting in it." It just connects to something for me. And that's part of why this story's interesting.
May. 26th, 2008 11:57 pm (UTC)
I do appreciate this comment. :) Helps to know people're reading them and not just when I point them at it.

The descriptions... I guess I just go with what feels right, so I guess we have a similar sense of rightness. ;)

I'm trying to get those kinds of senses across...
May. 27th, 2008 01:07 pm (UTC)
I was out of town the Memorial Day weekend, so I didn't read any of "The Sky's Crack" until now. I wanted to let you know that I like it and look forward to reading more.

The shrink/nurse might be considered the lesser of the dangers encountered so far, but she creeps me out.
May. 27th, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
Well, I did write her to be creepy. Glad you like the story so far.
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