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Sky's Crack 4

A particularly dialogue-heavy segment. Was going to write more, but I'm feeling like crap so I'm stopping at what seems like a decent point and calling it a day. It's a good thing I wrote most of this yesterday--it gave me an effective buffer to post today.


A blue lizard. A pink hippo. A green cat. A black raven. All laid out on the cafeteria table before us.

"And they expect us to lug those cutesy things around?" Maggie groaned.

Quietly Jenna said, "I like them. Though I didn't get one. Or any visit."

Jon smiled nervously. "They asked all of us to fight? Except Jenna?"

Kevin said, "I wonder why they left Jenna out. Also interesting that they rate our shrink lower as a threat than some group the hovering bum belongs to."

Maggie tapped the raven. "At least I got the raven. I wonder what bullshit glittery powers they're gonna give me."

I blinked. "Did they really say they'd be granting you powers?"

Nods from all at the table except Jenna, who just looked down.

Kevin said, "Didn't your guy say you already had powers.?" He ticked off on his fingers. "Let's see, you can fly, heal, and make fire. That we know of."

I said, "You're making me sound like a superhero."

"Or a magical girl," Kevin said.

Jon piped up, "Or an angel."

Everyone were quiet. I saw some passing boy open his mouth as if about to say something mocking about our stuffed animals. But at one look from me, he shut his mouth.

"Uh, and the shrink's watching us." Jon pointed behind me.

We all looked. She was there at a nearby table but not looking in our direction right at the moment. I believed Jon though.

Maggie gritted her teeth. "I hate her! If I'm gonna get glittery powers, I'm gonna use them to blow that bitch away!"

I said, "She hasn't actually done anything other than be annoying so far."

"Besides trying to force your life story out of you? And I don't trust her offer to make you into an angel." Kevin said.

Jon said, "Maybe we should talk elsewhere."

I nodded. "Let's do that. Usual spot after school."

After lunch, I tapped Jenna on the shoulder. "Let's ditch. You look like you need it."

After a bit of sneaking, we were sitting on the roof holding each other. Jenna sighed. "You know how much I like magical girls."

I nodded. "It's damn unfair."

"Maybe I'm just not good enough. I'm a monster after all." Jenna stared down at the ground.

I said, "Come on, you're at least as good as I."

Jenna balled up her fists. "I suppose. Bloody diarrhea hell! I don't know if I'd have said yes. Liking it and living it're different things. But they didn't even ask!"

I pulled out the blue lizard. "I'll talk to them. Ask why you were excluded."

Jenna shook her head. "Shit, no. Don't bug them over something like that. I don't want to be a trouble. Maybe it's just because the others'll be better at it or something."

"No. Don't pretend it isn't tearing you up inside. I'm calling him." I held up the stuffed lizard and said, "Azure!"

The lizard stirred. It raised its head. "Yes?"


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May. 28th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
So the stuffies are magical communication devices.

*hugs the talking blue stuffie lizard*
May. 28th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
It works better than having them act as summoning devices, which I initially planned. ~hugs the blue lizard, too~
Jun. 16th, 2008 08:09 am (UTC)
I'm enjoying it! I look forward to more.
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